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An Apple a day...

Alright, the Steve Jobs speech at the Apple press event is starting in a minute...

Go to Mac Rumors for auto-updating second-hand coverage.

What'll it be? I'll update this post when I have a summary...

So here's what happened:
1. Updated video iPods, better storage, not many new features.
2. New Nanos...multi-color aluminum like ye olde Mini.
3. New Shuffle - little aluminum square - wicked tiny at 1 Gb capacity.
4. Movies on iTunes.
5. HOLY CRAP - SNEAK PREVIEW - New media integration device for your living room...looks like half a Mac Mini...purely delicious, and I want one when it comes out Q1 next year....

Yeah, so I suppose I'm turning into a total Apple nut, but hey, they've been crankin' out slick stuff for several years straight, now.