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New Page Action

Check out the header section of my page and look at the new link - it says "My Netflix Habits."

Click through and see the latest addition to my page. I put a new plugin on my site that allows me to show different feeds from Netflix, and currently I'm showing three: My three most recent films, the movie that's at home, and the next three in the queue.

It's pretty slick, but it's not perfect - it includes the movie that's at home in list of recent films, so at the time of this post you can see "Brick" twice on the page.

I also use a crappy hacked way of displaying multiple queues (or displaying them at all, really) - I added the code to the page.php file in the Wordpress theme, which means that the feeds would essentially show up on every page I create. I'm not worried about this at the moment, however, since I never really use pages for anything else.