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So two fantastic things to report:

1. I finally freakin' saw Ozma last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jake, Elizabeth, and I went to the Norva in Norfolk, VA, to catch Ozma playing with the Rentals - wow, what a show.  Ryan from Ozma was not only a freakin' amazing guitar player, but he also played with the Rentals on most of their songs.  And while Matt Sharp can't really sing, I must say that the Rentals were freakin' excellent live.  They've essentially re-tooled most of their old stuff, and it sounds fantastic.  Ozma played Battlescars, which pretty much satiated me :-)

2. Today is day one of the Apple WWDC in San Fran.  This means Stevie J announces the latest and greatest for Apple, and I'll be glued to my screen continuously pressing F5 until I found everything out.  Huzzah!