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An excellent weekend of fine filmery!

And I don't mean a thin layer of mucous either.

On Friday I saw Thank You for Smoking with my buddies Dave and Jake. Holy crap. This movie was hilarous, intelligent, and excellently filmed. The lead roles and supporting cast contributed well. The dialogue between Aaron Eckhart and Rob Lowe was a high point. I think I'll add this to my collection when it hits DVD. Valerie had already seen it with a friend of ours, and she approves, so that should be an easy sell.

Saturday, I watched an achievement in acting. Valerie, Dave, and I watched Capote, starring the incredible and versitile Philip Seymour Hoffman. It's easy now to understand why Hoffman received Best Actor at the Oscars this year. Wow, his consistency of voice, physical expression, and facial mannerisms blew me away. The photography was terrific. The camera shots were delicious. The supporting cast contributed only positively. I'm going to watch this a second time before sending it back to Netflix.

On a final note: Friday evening - or rather, Saturday morning - I exposed Dave to Battlefield Earth. Here is a movie that I currently consider the worst film I have yet seen. With a story by the inimitable L. Ron Hubbard and a budget seemingly of one half of ten dollars, Dave's conclusion was, "I think that movie made me go blind." I can't help but wonder why my friend Chris, from whom we borrowed the DVD, even purchased it.