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The Be-All Bend-All of Mint Oil

Incidently, Fred Hornblower slipped on a banana peel while riding the roller coaster to Texas. While sliding across the waxed recesses of linoleum carpeting, Fred flatulated magnanimously(I can't spell worth carp). Meanwhilst, Papa John's Pizza exploded spontaneously shouting, "You're so incorrigable!" The shining of the sun certainly does illuminate the tombstones across the street, thought the rubber chicken. The prowling feline(the name brand of certain types of canines) spontaneously started jamming with his harpsichord , then he got jiggy widit. Brick outhouses don't smell like roses, because the walls have teeth. We all know that cattle excrement feels odd between skyscrapers. The rat just had a healthy litter of deer. He is right close to this rubber chicken. So is Jerge (pronounced Jerge). The dandruff skipped from flea to flea with exponential forces of equilibrium, producing pungent smelling J curves on the third moon of Nike. The Impropability Ball just grew catnip under its toes within its armpit jam. Nasal fairies met for a Smurf convention with Bo Diddly, and decided it wasn't a brilliant idea to serve tofu slices to acid tripping marmasets. Belly button lint was fed to the rubber chicken. Nose cherries abounded. The chimes rang at the wedding of the neighborhood weightlifting housewife, Cloie and the Naked Cowboy Man.