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Cinema Appreciation Day

What, I ask you, could be more thrilling than a 7' tall professional athlete, dressed in plate armor with a chain mail undercoating? How about a weaponized wheelchair? How about the on-screen death of Jud Nelson (who, by the way, hasn't aged a day since The Breakfast Club)?

This very AM, I was fortunate enough to catch the final half-hour of Shaquille O'neal's cinematic tour de force, Steel: a cutesy little tale of ex-Army scientists who try to defend Los Angeles from a less benevolent ex-Army scientist and his attempts to distribute ultra-sophisticated weaponry (some sorts of laser pistols, it would seem) to some rather unsavory locals.

Would any Shaq film be complete without a rap "song" from the man himself? Though I can't seem to recall the title of this wunderwerk, I can assure myself (and the rest of you!) that it must have been a pure masterpiece.

I am left in awe of Shaquille and his "triple-threat" ability. Just as he owns the court, he enforces his dominion over the musical and cinematic entertainment industries.

Here's to Shaq. I salute you, Big Guy. Keep up the great work!