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Yesterday was a great day for football! Quick Recap (in order of I-care-ness):

1. The Miami Dolphins trounced the Denver Broncos 34-10, making new coach Nick Saban look pretty good at the start of the season!
2. The New York Giants ran over the Arizona Cardinals 42-19 proving that Eli Manning isn't just the lackluster novelty lil' bro of Payton...
3. The Pittsburg Steelers handed Tennessee their collective behind at 34-7 to show us that Rothlesburger still has what it takes (even without Plex), and
4. Peyton Manning and his Colts nearly took Baltimore with a shutout at 24-7 (the Ravens scored with 13 seconds left), with Indianapolis' defense surprising NFL fans everywhere.

Sixteen weeks left in the season, and I still have to watch tonight's game since McNabb is the lead QB on my fantasy team, the Jersey Trash.