Town Creek

Poofy morning clouds rise over the trees beside Town Creek in Brunswick County, North Carolina

Found a hidden boat ramp on Town Creek in Brunswick County on my ride this morning.

Calibogue Sound

Looking out on Calibogue Sound from Hilton Head Island during my morning ride today.


A whole lotta boats at the Palmetto Bay Marina on Hilton Head Island, taken from the top of the Charles E. Fraser Bridge.

A Place to Rest Your Weary Bum

A worn leatherette loveseat sits on the sidewalk against a peeling, painted cinder block wall covered in a variety of tags and other graffiti

Stay Grounded

Mural of ghosts on a pier of an overpass. The words "Stay Grounded" are written above the ghosts and the word "Floating" is written below.

Late Afternoon Post-Christmas Dinosaurs

Cut-out dinosaurs illustrated and colored by my children, taped to the glass of a door between rooms in my house with late day light creating lines through the blinds on then door, a lit-up, defocused Christmas tree in the background

Fading Industrial Canvas

The old Southern States complex on the south end of the Mayo Bridge, with mural-covered walls at the base

No Surfing

a seagull sits upon a no surfing sign at Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Strange Market

a shopping cart sits in front of a graffitied pillar beneath the I-95 overpass on Overbrook Road.

Otter Snugz

Two otters snuggle while sleeping beside a log in their habitat at the Virginia Living Museum
Sleepy otter snuggling at the Virginia Living Museum.

Rainbow Trash

colorful trash bags hang out of an overstuffed city trashcan
Kodak E100 slide film shot on my Hasselblad 500 C/M

Party Boy

My son sits in the middle of our messy living room
I found my adorable little dude sitting in his chair just like this, so I told him to freeze so I could snap a photo. I think he looks cooler here than I ever have in my entire life.

Rumors of Samsung

Kehinde Wiley's monumental statue, "Rumors of War" standing in its temporary Times Square location
Valerie and I were lucky enough to catch Kehinde Wiley's "Rumors of War" in Times Square back in October before it came to its permanent home in our very own RVA.

Shot on expired (discontinued) Fuji Neopan 400 in 120, pushed 2 stops to ISO 1600.

This Machine

My wife and I visited NYC in October and got to experience one of those seemingly only-in-New-York sort of moments: listening to Colin Huggins play his piano in Washington Square Park. It felt pretty magical.

Waiting for my morning 'spro

flowers in a vase on a coffee shop table

Toddler Stink Eye

Work Life Balance


follow the liter

follow the liter



to each according

accordion busker

will they or won't they

motorcycle and scooter

orange juice of doom

orange juice in a glass with a straw

mugs, in profile

my brother's face

the world below

plant below a grate in the sidewalk