Herb Alpert for my hooligans in Brooklyn

I was spacing out in my dentist's office lobby the other day unconsciously bobbing my head to the quiet assortment of songs playing over the sound system when a very familiar minor 7th chord shook me out of my reverie:

Jump to around 3:09-ish if the video doesn't start there.

Yeah, that’s right, turns out this is the famous bit sampled (and pitched down) in Biggie's "Hypnotize". Maybe I'm one of like, 5 people who didn't know that, but it was fun connecting the sampling dots between a jazzy hit from the 70s and a modern hip hop classic.

Mars Ill

On a more pleasant note...do check out The Beacon Hill Project to see me hangin' out with the rest of the squad and Mars Ill at a recent concert here in the R-I-C. I'm the bloke in the very middle, with Manchild to the far left, and Dust to the far right.