the weight of years

paulie smoking a cigar

I got to hang out with my step-dad, Paul, this past Sunday, and we smoked cigars on my front porch before he went home. After I finished my stogie I couldn’t help grabbing my camera to take his portrait. I think he was expecting me to tell him when I was ready, but I just clicked off the last three frames on the roll as I saw fit. This was my favorite because I think it really displays the strong but weary figure of a man who’s worked a physical job for over thirty years.

3 thoughts on “the weight of years

  1. Pauly looks great! What kind of cigar did you guys have. Looks to be a pretty good sized gauge, and a connecticut wrapper. I hope I look as good as Pauly when I get older….Here’s to hoping!

  2. I believe it’s a Rocky Patel Edge then. They’re big guys that’s for sure. Take over an hour to smoke a whole one. Tell your dad, he made an excellent choice.

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