It’s easier when the decision is made for you.

When you really want something and it doesn’t materialize, disappointment comes easily. I experienced that, not for the first time, this morning. To be honest, I’m a little more bummed about it than I thought I’d be, and I’m trying to rest in the knowledge that what happens isn’t a surprise to God, but mostly I’m just feeling gloomy to the point where I’m distracted at work.

I think all of that will wear off by the end of the day, because the alternatives to what I really wanted are both very good things, each with their own distinct advantages. I could just use a little Novocaine for the ego right now, preferably in the form of no more rain, time for photography, and a visit to Penny Lane pub with friends. Maybe at least some of that will be in the cards this weekend 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s easier when the decision is made for you.

  1. I’m assuming this has to do with something that we’ve talked about before, and that the disappointment means you won’t get to see DMB’s place of origin quite as much as you might have hoped.

  2. Well, your wish came true. It was sunny both on Saturday and Sunday. We went to Penny Lane, and you found an awesome old camera that gave you a new picturing taking experience.

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