Email as Literature?

A piece on The Morning News posits that email, sometimes, can be entertaining to read. I really enjoy the lead-in: “Emails have about as much room for nuance as Post-It notes, and less staying power. But sometimes they’re pure poetry.”

Reading this page made me pause and consider what’s been lost since with the rise of email and instant messaging. With the ability to respond and communicate around the world at the speed of electrons, less thought is required in our written correspondence. The result is an ocean of thoughtless thought passed back and forth with little-to-no consideration of how the message is delivered or perceived.

Of course, this is likely my romanticized notion of the world. I’m sure the world was filled with plenty of trite and careless handwritten (or type-written!) letters long before The Internet changed things irrevocably. Still, it’s pleasant to be reminded, as by TMN’s article, that the quality of the writing is not dictated by its medium.

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