Boylan’s Soda

boylan creme soda bottle

As is often the case, it was my wife who suggested going to Buzz and Ned’s barbecue when we headed out for lunch with her mom yesterday.

When I placed my order, I decided I’d try a Boylan’s Creme Soda – something I’d never had before. In fact, I failed to recall any time when I’d had a Boylan’s soda. When it came to specialty root bears I tended to reach for Stewart’s first (they were all over the place in Jersey when I was a kid) or a Root 66, and a variety of creme sodas always seemed hard to come by in Virginia. So try I did.

And you should, too.

Boylan actually uses real cane sugar and pure vanilla extract in the creme soda, so it was smooth, the right kind of sweet, and delicious. It turns out they produce a completely natural version of several of their sodas, the creme included (with Bourbon vanilla, chocolate, and coffee extracts). I hope to find some of these this week.
(image via Flickr user Kawika Takara)

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