Smoked Valentine

Because Val and I are having a shamcy dinner in Paris next month, we agreed in advance to save some coin and forgo our tradition of eating at a real classy restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Instead, I’m cooking a nice dinner at home this Saturday night. Valerie still wanted to go out tonight, however, so we were deliberating about where to chow down. Val wanted to eat somewhere cheap-to-moderately priced, and still fairly casual.

Her choice explains why my wife is one of the most awesome people in the world. Valerie decided we should go to Buzz and Ned’s tonight to feast on smoked meat.

I love you baby đŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Smoked Valentine

  1. They don’t have Chipotle in TN? I’m surprised, since it’s a big chain.Table 9 I’m not familiar with, but I’ll have to check it out.And say, isn’t TN famous for its own BBQ, too?

  2. I’m having ribs and steak tonight. I’m going to taste the smell in my mouth. It’s going to taste fragrant. And honey-filled. And porky. And dead. Because nothing tastes better than a dead animal slathered in a sticky puddle of awesome.I miss my grill…

  3. @Mugs, even though that was all about food, you managed to make it completely unappetizing :-)Fear not, though, your grill is in good hands. I haven’t used it at all, but it’s locked safely in my shed. When you have a yard again, you can have your baby back. Ribs.

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