Allow me to weigh in on my initial impressions of Mozilla’s Firefox:

It rocks the crap out of MSIE, hands down.

Dan has already mentioned most of the reasons, so I won’t go into them, but let me say this:

As a student who frequently writes papers while researching, I have always found it frustrating to have 3 to 4 browser windows open plus my word processor. It becomes difficult to see which pages are which, and it’s an eye-killer just trying to look at the bar. With Firefox, all I’ll ever need open are two windows, that’s it. By sacrificing a centimeter of space in my browser window (though if I’m remembering properly, it’s made up by the lack of a useless grey bar at the bottom), I save time and aggravation galore. I’d say it’s worth it.

Gotta fly. I think I just wanted to make my first post in Danland, so now I have. More Brian-esque contributions will inevitably follow in the near future.

One thought on “Firefox

  1. Just a quick little note before you tech-savvy folks blast this post…1. My bro is brilliant, but not an IT professional, so don’t flame him ’cause of any computing misquotes.2. Because he’s not an IT professional, I think his opinion lends an interesting view to the topic – the view of the average user. To him, the status bar in IE is useless, and typical users aren’t as likely to dig through the menu bar to mess with preferences – assuming they know it’s called the status bar anyway. And yes, I know FF has one, too – I’m sure he just didn’t notice that as he started using this today. Is IE7 going to have tabs? I think so, from what I hear, but that’s only one other thing. Does IE have simple, easy to install and use extensions and themes? Not nearly as easy as FF yet.I know the browser argument will be ongoing – but here’s a closing point on which to chew: IE is now at a point where it’s adding features to catch up with FF and other non-MS browsers. Interesting.

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