Positively Disruptive

Our babysitter was sick today. That meant Valerie and I had to take shifts watching Maddie and make up for lost time working after hours. Complete schedule upheaval.

But you know what? I had a great morning with my kid, taking her to the coffee shop with me and running into other dads I know. We danced to EDM at home (as usual) and she played around and over me on the couch. I got to see Valerie at midday when I dropped Maddie off at her office holiday lunch.

Then there was this afternoon. Maddie had a late but epic nap that meant Valerie and I were working on opposite sides of the dining room table while listening to music, sharing the occasional chit-chat. Maddie ate dinner with no fuss, said “Hi!” a million times, and went to bed without difficulty. Valerie and I worked some more, though she eventually watched some Call the Midwife while I finished up. Our last exchange before she drifted off to sleep in bed involved laughter and hugs.

I could use a little more of this sort of disruption in my life.


Every dang year. I can already feel it happening. Here, in the first half of December I’m crushed with high priority work that needs to be done yesterday. Competing “priorities” both internal and client-oriented assail me from all sides. But you know what? The back nine is going to be really quiet.

I, like many of my coworkers, won’t be around much in the last bits of December. I take off starting Christmas Eve and don’t return to work until Monday after New Year’s Day. But you know who else vacations at the end of the year? Wraps up major initiatives and doesn’t want to start new ones until everybody’s back from their long winter’s naps? Clients, that’s who.

So while I’m only just wrapping up my day’s work tonight around 11:30 PM, my work stream looks to start drying up in about two weeks. Then I’ll be picking over the carcass of 2014’s billable hours trying to keep myself occupied until my own break.

Snow Day

Richmond finally got enough snow to mean something – at least 6 inches in some places – and I’m sitting here at work.

You see, my office doesn’t have an official inclement weather policy, and my job generally requires me to be here when I can. Since I have butt-loads of work to accomplish in the first half of this week and no ability to telecommute, I had to venture out into the snow in my trusty Jetta (man, that traction control came in handy today!) and rock the lower three gears of my transmission all the way up Broad Street.

I’d rather be out in the snow taking photographs. Maybe I’ll knock-off early and do just that…

Here goes nothing…

So tonight I’m planning to attend an information session about VCU’s MBA program. I’m hoping to learn more details, particularly, about the part-time option. Afterward I intend to pick up a study guide for the GMAT, and we’ll see what happens…