Positively Disruptive

Our babysitter was sick today. That meant Valerie and I had to take shifts watching Maddie and make up for lost time working after hours. Complete schedule upheaval.

But you know what? I had a great morning with my kid, taking her to the coffee shop with me and running into other dads I know. We danced to EDM at home (as usual) and she played around and over me on the couch. I got to see Valerie at midday when I dropped Maddie off at her office holiday lunch.

Then there was this afternoon. Maddie had a late but epic nap that meant Valerie and I were working on opposite sides of the dining room table while listening to music, sharing the occasional chit-chat. Maddie ate dinner with no fuss, said “Hi!” a million times, and went to bed without difficulty. Valerie and I worked some more, though she eventually watched some Call the Midwife while I finished up. Our last exchange before she drifted off to sleep in bed involved laughter and hugs.

I could use a little more of this sort of disruption in my life.


Yeesh…I’ve been nutsoid-busy at work and painting some of the house like a fiend. That’s almost done, and then I can resume my regularly scheduled blogging.

And I’m working on something special, too…

Fade Away and Radiate

Here’s a happy update on my radiator moving extravaganza…

I almost broke my ankle!! Hooray!

I mean, ouch. Thank heavens it’s just a sprain that’s healing quickly. Let me just say that the dude at the scrap metal place was WAY off…some of these things weighed a LOT more than 400 pounds. And moving them downstairs is murder.

We did manage to get 6 of the 9 radiators out of the house including The Beast of the Foyer which I estimate weighed close to 800 pounds. Seriously. I still have three more upstairs – one in my bedroom, one in the office, and one in the back bedroom which is on the smaller side. My friends the helped Saturday said they’d be willing to help get the others out some time, but I imagine we’ll all be taking some time off before we scare the crap out of ourselves again by carrying more cast iron down the stairs.

I may just cut them to pieces with the Sawzall instead 🙂

The Brute Squad

I’m a little anxious about a particular house-related task coming soon to a weekend near me…

This Saturday morning, my buddies Jake, Dave, and Chris are coming over to help me remove all the radiators from the house…

I’ve been borrowing a reciprocating saw (a genuine Milwaukee Sawzall, at that!) from my friend James, and just about all the radiators are cut free from their connections, ready to be hauled slowly and gingerly down stairs and out of the house.

Oh yeah, these beasts are cast iron, too. FREAKING HEAVY. I’m expecting even the smallest to way near 200 pounds. I’m planning to first purchase some moving straps or something similar to help get a hold of the awkwardly shaped/sized radiator, and then we’ll haul everything out of the house and off to a scrap yard.

It’s gonna be a long, hard Saturday morning, and I pray my back survives…


Man, I hate mowing the lawn. I always have – since I started at the age of ten on a yard in Bayville NJ that was more gravel than grass. Imagine being marginally taller than the mower handle itself while round pebbles and debris shoot from the back of the mower. You’re trying to avoid damage to more than shins at that height.

It’s somewhat ironic, then, that I purchased a house with such a monumentally large yard (for a city lot). I love having a plot of land big enough to run around, play horse shoes, or have a large get-together, but it certainly creates a conundrum; I have to mow this huge freakin’ pile o’ grass.

Up until recently, I’ve had to do this with a push mower. I’ve loathed this, of course, but what I’ve loathed more was my (otherwise wonderful) wife’s reluctance to see why I wanted a ride-on. Every time friends and family came over for the first time, I had to endure the question, “Do you have a ride-on?” Well finally I do. Thanks to Mugs’ move to a place without a yard, he’s gifted me his lazy mower, and I aim to use it. The problem is, I think I need to get a new spark plug and battery. And removing that spark plug is going to take removing some other parts first…ugh…

So here’s hoping I don’t contract West Nile virus from the mosquitos which inhabit my currently over-grown yard, as I lie on my back beneath the front end of my newly acquired lawn-chopper trying desperately to extract a spark plug using my Leatherman.

A door.

Today, Jake and Nate were gracious enough to help me hang a new front door. The process took nearly twice as long as I thought it would, but after 3.5 hours, my new front door was up and swinging perfectly with it’s glorious oil-rubbed bronze hardware assembled.

Now I just need to put in some new weather stripping and a new threshold (and likely a sweep as well) and we’ll be all set.

Ih Crimmis Tam!

Just a quick note before I head out to a party…

Val and I got our Christmas tree today, and it’s all decorated now! It really feels like home!

Now we have to decorate the rest of the house!