Even with a four-cylinder!

Have you been to the gas station lately? What do you drive?

I drive an ’04 Jetta, and it has the basic 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder engine. I have a stick-shift. I once drove 406 miles with the AC blasting on one 12.5 gallon tank of gas before the gas light came on (and that would’ve let me drive another 60 miles, according to the owner’s manual).

But do you know how much it would cost me to fill my gas tank now?

Try about 40 bucks, roughly – that depends on where I fill up.

Gas prices went up TWENTY CENTS this afternoon alone here in the R-I-C, and even us folks with efficient engines are feelin’ it. I genuinely feel bad for peeps I know sportin’ 8 cylinders…My parents, my lil’ bro, my older bro…sheesh. This is going to put a little financial hurting on everyone who drives.

I know this is all because of the Gulf situation, and I know people have it worse than I do. I know that it would cost me twice as much to fill up in the UK. I’m just venting. The US seriously needs to get off of this petroleum fix.