The Hiatus of Daniel by Daniel Warshaw

Well I made it past my initial goal of five episodes, at least.

But look, I need to take a break of indeterminate length because the rest of life has grown too busy. I have far too many weekends coming up where I'll be unable to spend time editing hour-plus episodes, but the real tricky part is that my time passes so fast in the midst of a busy, pre-baby schedule that it's become tough to get a guest lined up to record.

Granted, I have a list of potential guests, but it's the coordination with other busy individuals to choose, watch, annotate, and discuss (while recording) a movie that's fallen by the way side.

I love the heck out of doing this podcast, and I hope to wake it from sleep sooner rather than later. In the meantime, if you want to do an episode with me, I'm still open to record - you just have to get in touch with me because I can't arrange it right now.

Rock on.

Episode 7: Post-Apocalyptic Office by Daniel Warshaw

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This month brings a serious break from format so that my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, could have a little fun with me dismantling Tom Hooper's Les Misérables. We both love the underlying musical but felt like this adaptation was inexcusable. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Are we just snobs (probably)? Or do any of our points strike a chord?

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Not Quite the Opposite by Daniel Warshaw

Epidosde 7 will be a little late this month, but I'm still planning to have it up before May gets here. I'll be recording with my sister-in-law Elizabeth again, and we're gonna rip Tom Hooper's Les Miserables to shreds. This is a bit of a departure from my "polite disagreement" format - more so than last month - but I think the conversation could be too good to miss.

We record this Friday, and I'll have a marathon editing session over the weekend in hopes of publishing by Tuesday at the latest.

Episode 6: Poop Jokes and Emotion by Daniel Warshaw

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We all have beloved childhood movies, but sometimes we should just let a sleeping Goose lie. This month my friend Phil discovers what happens when he revisits an 80's classic that hasn't held up well. Perhaps that's because Top Gun never had any real landing struts to stand on.

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Episode 6 in Planning Phase by Daniel Warshaw

I should be recording episode 6 before the end of next week. It'll be two months in a row where I'll be raggin' on something that my guest loves, but if this episode works out, it should be a great one.

Episode 5: You're the Horse Now Dog by Daniel Warshaw

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This month's episode was a lot of fun for me because I got to talk about a movie with my wife - even if that movie was Secretariat. Valerie explains how an emotional response effects her view of a movie, and I compare a horse-racing film to a teenager's political play.

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Episode 4: A Thousand Non-Canonical Cuts by Daniel Warshaw

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It might not be the second, or even the third episode, but when I say Trey and I are going to talk about The Dark Knight Rises, I mean we're going to talk about The Dark Knight Rises. This month we discuss what makes a good "comic book movie" and whether a filmmaker has to honor the spirit of the source material in order to make good cinema.

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Minute 25 - Mozart did not, in fact, compose Die Fledermaus. It was actually Johann Straus, II. The Opposite of Daniel regrets the error.

Minute 44 - A person would not be from Catalan - that's the language or a person from Catalonia.

Batman: Recorded by Daniel Warshaw

I finally managed to record the Batman episode with my buddy Trey. This gives me a couple weeks to get it all edited nicely and drop in the relevant sound bytes. It was a terrific episode to record, and I hope to make it just as good for your ears.

Episode 3: Obvious, Obviously by Daniel Warshaw

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Goodness gracious, Episode 3. Finally. And a week late! My sister-in-law, Elizabeth Teal, and I take a closer look at Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire. Perhaps it is written to be a feel-good movie, or maybe it's all just an emotional cheat for a hollow payoff in the end.

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