Verizon FiOS Rollout Schedule

If you, like me, live in a part of the City of Richmond (or anywhere, really) that has yet to see fiber optic internet connectivity in your neighborhood, there's a simple way to check if it's coming soon:

Verizon's Virginia Community Page contains a link to a PDF-format schedule of their construction plans for FiOS. I've not linked to the schedule directly because it's typically bi-monthly. It looks like they're finally getting close to my humble Seminary Avenue, but I can't help feeling like they'll have something newer and better by the time they finally get to my block.

There are pages for states other than Virginia as well. It's a shame you can't get to these pages more directly or common-sense-like. When you check for FiOS availability in your area and there is none, all they do is try to hawk their DSL service instead.