Yashica Mat

So here's the big reveal: a new (old) camera (pardon the blurry low-light macro shot)!


This is a Twin Lens Reflex camera with the top lens for the viewfinder and the bottom for the picture. It shoots medium format (120) film creating 6x6 cm negatives. The results, assuming this thing works, would be like going from watching TV on basic cable to watching it in high definition. So here I go with the true square format, and I should have my results back by the end of the week - but they're only being processed, not scanned. If they actually turned out alright, then I plan to have the negative strip scanned to CD so I can post some frames on the web. Here's hoping, because this has the potential to really kick up the clarity and detail of my pictures...

I'll spare everybody the gory details on the camera such as the specs and such, but if anyone's curious, I'd be happy to entertain any questions about the TLR in the comments.