Time for a shameless plug…

If you have a decent media player on your computer and aren’t restricted by a corporate firewall (try iTunes, if you are), then go over to Radio Paradise right now and give a listen. And make sure you listen for at least an hour or so, in order to get the full effect.

The more you listen to this, the less you’ll want to listen to FM – unless of course you like top 40 garbage…


So last night I was seriously thinking about writing an exalting post about what I consider to be Richmond, VA’s best sandwich: 821 Cafe’s Smoked Turkey and Chedder Sub w/ Bacon. Typically, this sandwhich comes with succulent smoked turkey, sliced thin, yellow chedder melted over it, and the optional bacon, on really delicious bread. Served nice and hot with a pile of incendiary fries on the side, this sandwhich works on soooooooooooooo many levels.

Well last night, it didn’t. I’m not entirely certain (because I didn’t ask), but I think they ran out of smoked turkey and filled in the gap with their roast turkey…it was just enough difference in taste to be a bit dry and boring. Still mostly delicious, and the bacon really helped, but in general, disappointing.


Come on feel the Illinoise!

I received my newest addition to my CD collection last week, and have since been hooked on the incredible sounds of Sufjan Stevens. This guy is freakin’ incredible: He plays, like, 20 instruments, has a very pleasant tenor, and writes both amazing lyrics and music. His talent for arranging is outstanding as well.

The song titles range from straightforward (Jacksonville, Chicago, or the hauntingly beautiful John Wayne Gayce, Jr.) to the absurd (e.g., The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!), but the lyrics on all the songs are poignent and well constructed.

No, I’m not trying to rehash any reviews that I’ve already read, I’m simply trying to post how excited I am to have this album. I’ve been trying to push it on everyone that I know that is a music afficianado, such as my mom, my brother, Mugs, my buddy Dave, and soon the rest of my family.

I have to thank Patrick for the awesome recommendation on this one. It’s probably one of the best CDs I’ve heard in the past year.

Oi, spectacular!


Hey everybody! So I finally have my own domain! This page will be fairly bare-bones for a while, but as I expand my horizons with some serious PHP and MySQL goodness, this site should become a fertile ground for my creativity – be it visual, verbal, or otherwise.

Keep an eye out, as this page may change as frequently as a few times a week!
– Daniel