Neural Flatus: Faffin’ About

There’s a bit of British English slang that this Yank would like to see adopted in The States: faff. As in, “havin’ a faff”, “faffin’ about”, and so on. It’s a delightful way to talk about wasting time, messing around, or a pointless task.

Trying to Make Fetch Happen

steak with sauce

I remember, in the folly of my teenage years, trying to create my own catchphrase. I come from the Jersey Shore where, like many coastal towns, you wore surf wear even if you didn’t really surf. Billabong, Quicksilver, Rusty, Ocean Pacific, etc. I was particularly fond of Quicksilver. So fond, in fact, that I would tell more than one person, on more than one occasion, that “Quicksilver is my sauce”. You know, because I wanted to be covered in it? Complemented by it? I dunno. I was already a super nerdy outsider, so I don’t know why I though this would do me any favors.

Party Boy

My son sits in the middle of our messy living room
I found my adorable little dude sitting in his chair just like this, so I told him to freeze so I could snap a photo. I think he looks cooler here than I ever have in my entire life.