Fog Hunting

a small island surrounded by fog in the middle of the James river with the US-1 bridge in the background.

Today was pretty foggy in Richmond in advance of some rain, so I did what many photographers do and headed out with my camera. I got a late start, though, so most of it was cleared around my neighborhood by the time I hit the bike. So I headed south toward the James River where I was rewarded with an entire river of fog!

people and bikes cross the T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge in the middle of morning fog

The T. Tyler Potterfield bridge gave me the perfect vantage point for some exciting views up and down the river. I would have loved some foggy scenery in a few more places, but I’ll take what I can get these days.

the Richmond city skyline above the foggy James River
old rail bridge piers robed in fog in the James River with the Manchester Bridge behind it
the T. Tyler Potterfield bridge extends into the fog toward the southern bank of the James River.