In Training

Here’s a shot from my first roll of Cinestill’s BwXX film, which is basically Kodak’s Eastman Double-X cinema film loaded in 35mm still cartridges. I didn’t know whether I’d like this stuff all that much, but it’s gorgeously silvery, and the highlights have a soft glow on some of the brighter frames.

So this is Wilson from back in October 2018, just chillin’ on the sofa. And I finally sent my film back to good ol’ Praus Productions up in Rochester, and I’m sure glad I did. They did a fantastic job on this and some othe rolls. I did a little pre-scan histogram adjustments, and didn’t have to do much else other than remove a few specks of dust in post.

At any rate, this is still $10/roll straight from the source. For my preferences, I’d get a similar look from Ilford’s FP4 (even though it’s slower film) at a much cheaper price. You could buy a 100′ roll for $90 and bulk load, which gets you down to about $5/roll. But really, I don’t shoot a lot of 35mm anymore, and this stock is only available in 35mm. So it was fun to shoot, I got some nice results, and I still have 1 more roll to give it another go. But that’ll probably be the end of it for me.