Next Steps

I’m NOT quitting my day job, but I’m trying to get a little more serious about my photography.

I’ve been taking pictures with great enthusiasm for years now, and over these years I’ve recognized both an apptitude and affinity for photographing people and food. That’s probably because people and food are my favorite things. I’ve been able to turn the latter into a little food column for RVANews, but never really did much with the former.

I want to take on more work for hire, so I’ve reorganized this website to emphasize my photographic work and keep my side projects from becoming a distraction. Primarily I’d love to take portraits for creative and professional folks, but I don’t have too many clearly-set boundaries. Take a look at my People portfolio to see the sort of stuff I do. If you want a portrait along those lines, I’m your guy.

I’d also love to photograph more food, whether it’s a restaurant menu, cocktails, local food and beverage producers, etc. Food photography is most of my paid experience, and I still enjoy it. Check out my Consumable portfolio for a sample.

If any of this fits your needs and you’re interested, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you, meet with you, and work with you.