me time

The truth is, I get a lot of me time. I get me time whenever I put off taking out the trash. Whenever I curse at a negligent driver from my car. Whenever I’m mean to my wife. Whenever I eat too much. You see, I get me time whenever I give in to my selfish desires. And the problem is that the ego is insatiable. That’s why screaming at somebody never really makes you feel better. That’s why that next doughnut doesn’t taste as sweet. And that’s why procrastinating just leads to loafing on the couch surfing the web while an unwatched TV flickers in the background. The common notion of me time where I get to do what I want, for myself? Yeah, I think I get plenty of that already, and I’ve already said where that leads.

So I want to try and keep the me time in check. I want to, instead, make room for a little stillness time. Time when I can sit, disconnected, uninterrupted.

Be still and know that I am God. – Psalm 46:10

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