fried day

Eep! I didn’t write yesterday.

Two weeks from today is my last day at my current office. I’m starting to offload responsibilities and trying to wrap up whatever I have left on my plate. But I’m fearing the last week will run interminably slow as I try to find things to occupy my time. I could be wrong – it may be that everybody will try to get their pound of flesh before I make it out the door. But I think they’ve managed things better than that in the past, so we’ll see.

So that’s clearly at the top of my mind right now. That makes it more than a little difficult to focus on the school work I still have to finish. I need to wrap up a huge paper for my independent study by the end of this weekend, so I don’t anticipate making it out of doors too much in the intervening hours. I’ll feel a lot better about that if we actually get the thunder storms I’ve been hearing about.

Oh, final strange note: this morning I stopped in for coffee at Lamplighter, as is my custom, and I saw a freaking Aston Martin DB9 parked in the lot. I, in fact, parked next to it, sure to give it ample clearance. Not every day you park next to a car that is 6-digits more expensive than your house!

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  1. Just noticed the part about the DB9. I would've said something in a Jeremy Clarkson like British accent about the DB9 being better than a ferrari or sumfin' like dat.

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