change is in the wind

Goodness, so much to discuss.

First of all, yes. I haven’t written in a while. That’s because I didn’t feel like blogging while on this short vacation. But man, was it a cool vacation. San Francisco! Temperatures never made it above the mid-60s the entire trip, and we had frequent fog and cloudiness. But I loved it. The respite from the brutal Virginia heat was right up my alley. I also loved the city itself. Super hilly, but covered extensively by public transportation. MUNI may be a joke to San Franciscans, but compared to the GRTC it was golden.

I only wish I’d been able to travel with fewer people – maybe just my wife – so I could have avoided touristy things most of the trip. I also wish, in retrospect, that I’d stayed in Sunset or Haight instead of by Union Square. YEESH…that part of town is dripping with tourists who just want to shop and ride the cable cars. But I did manage to make it out to Brown Owl Coffee on Taraval which was super freaking delicious. More on that in a follow-up post later today…

Oh yeah, and this past Thursday, while waiting in the Hilton lobby, I got a phone call with a job offer.

I’d been communicating pretty heavily with a company here in town, and things had been going well. This all culminated in an interview on Tuesday after work but before my flight to SFO. It seems they liked me, and they extended an offer. I accepted, but since I couldn’t formally resign at my current employer until I was back at work today, I’ve been quiet about it on the internet. But now the cat is out of the bag. I start at my new job on 8/29. First new company in seven years…

So tonight I’m going to celebrate with a little bubbly, and then it’s time for some insane amount of homework for my independent study…

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