the papers, the papers

I’m seriously wiped out. I was up nearly until 2 AM working on a paper. It’s my own doing – this, the result of my procrastination – so I’m not complaining. Simply stating the fact that I am actually wiped out.

Here are some more unaffiliated facts that are also not complaints but hew perilously close to so being: It’s hot as a furnace outside and will be through the weekend at least. July tired quickly of its amazingly days last week and decided to bring back the hotness. Makes it a bit tough to be outside and walk around taking pictures…

This item’s a mixed bag: today marks 10 years since I asked Valerie if she wanted to date me (well, technically it was after midnight, making it the 21st, but whatever. That evening’s events started on the 20th). We’ve been together ever since – and while I stopped marking dating anniversaries years ago, I think a decade together is significant. So I want to celebrate! But tonight I have to meet with my class group to discuss our project, and Valerie has to work late to meet deadlines. I guess we’ll just have some fun this weekend.

Finally, I’m going to San Francisco soon. I mentioned that already, right? I’m going to San Francisco for several days as the beginning of August. I’m meeting up with Val, her mom, and her sister; they’ll already be there having driven down from Eugene, Oregon that day. I’m bringing my new beast of burden, the RZ67, with me as my only camera for shooting around. I think Valerie will have the D90 with her (since she’s traveling ahead of me), but I just want to stick to film for the week. I guess that means I get to order a bunch of film 🙂

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