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There’s not a lot I can talk about in this entry, but I’ll go all “stream of consciousness” for a bit just to see what I can crank out when I really set my mind and intentions to writing.

So what’s foremost in my mind right now is some news that I can’t really even share on the ‘net just yet, because it’s not the right timing. But I did want, at least, to record my sense of anticipation for something. A journal or blog, after all, need not be a record of all the details so much as a record of the prevailing sentiment or mood at that time. I’m capturing, I hope, some sense of my personality through these entries; an endeavor far more interesting to me (and I hope others). I guess that’s sort of a philosophical line in the sand wherein I’m stating that the response is more compelling than the stimuli, but that’s where I’m at right now. So no details. Maybe in a month I’ll get all detailed and crap, and you can try to piece together some understanding of my August 2011 psyche based on those details which I obsessively record.

Enough with all that now, though.

Tonight is the reckoning; the evening where I face just how much writing I have to crank out on a different platform – my portion of a monstrous paper for one of my summer classes. I’ve procrastinated long enough, but I must meet my own self-imposed (and imposed on others by me) deadline of tomorrow night and complete the draft of my section. There is, then, a small advantage to Valerie having to stay late at work. She’s the most wonderful distraction, so it’s tough for me to accomplish much while we’re both at home, even in different rooms.

So there it is: my Tuesday, laid bare. Dissect it as you wish!

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