hammer it out

Antsy. Today I’m antsy.

I’m adjusting to this archaic Dingleberry device I have to carry around for the week, so I’m less antsy about that. No, I’m antsy because of something I had shipped to my office. My new (used) camera is supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I’m of a somewhat singular mind anticipating its arrival. Once it arrives I’ll put a test roll through it and take some pictures of the camera itself using my old workhorse, the Mamiya C3. I should have some pics of and from the new beast by the weekend, I hope.

In other news so personal that I wouldn’t be offended if you were stricken by a boredom-induced coma from reading it, I was reminded in a major way that there’s light at the end of my educational tunnel. It turns out that because I’m within a year of graduation I qualify for a “priority pin” which lets me register early for classes. This nearly guarantees placement in the courses I want/need during my final two semesters. Hooray for unsettling transition and all that!

Anyway, that’s today so far (at this post-lunch hour). I’m expecting 32 small plastic bottles to arrive at my desk soon (125 mL) that I’ll use to preserve my Tmax developing concentrate in single-shot quantities without oxidizing the unused portion every time I want to mix up a batch. Assuming those arrive as expected, I’ll be processing a roll of Tri-X that I shot at ISO 1600 when I get home this evening.

Oh yeah, and I guess some homework in there somewhere if I can ever stop being such a slacker.

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