last-minute panic

Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening I’m giving a 10-minute presentation to my Strategic Management class along with the other eight students. The problem? I haven’t put together my presentation yet. Nor have I written the accompanying (and very much required) 4-page pager. The whole project is a “theory note” wherein I’m supposed to concoct my own thoughts on some broad business concept.

I already know what I want to write about – the role of outsiders in a company’s success within a highly competitive environment – but I only just came to that conclusion last night. Tonight I have a slate of activities after work that I can’t really avoid, but I have to crank out a coherent argument in support of my “theory” and then make a few appropriately helpful slides, too. It’ll probably be an excruciatingly late evening followed by a handful of additional late evenings this week as I race toward the end of the semester.

Blah blah blah. This post itself is little more than procrastination for something else. I think I’m nearly ready to be finished with this whole simultaneous school + work thing. Oh yeah, also, this post derives its title from a classic Calvin and Hobbes strip.

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