Five Guys Burgers and…that’s it.

I found it interesting that Five Guys recently won the ranking of “best fast food burger” in the US from Zagat.

I’m not upset about that, either. They’re from Virginia, the patties are thin so they get a little crispy and extra brown, and the burger buns are pretty tasty, too. But it reminds me. The full name of the restaurant is Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and I know plenty of people in different parts of the country who also love their fries.

But I hate them.

They’re always a little too soggy and way undersalted. I don’t want a salt lick instead of french fries, but I do want my fries to have at least a few crystals of sodium chloride across their collective surface. What is it about these fries that you folks love so much? What am I missing?

6 thoughts on “Five Guys Burgers and…that’s it.

  1. I agree that often the fries are a little too soggy for my liking but on the plus side, they do something that not very many other restaurants, and no chains bother to do and that is use fresh potatoes. Frozen fries truly suck. Where do you go for fries? I know some RVA places use fresh potatoes as well but I am drawing a blank right now.

  2. My favorite fries in Richmond are at Capital Ale House, but I also like what they have at Carytown Burger and Fry.Freezing potatoes can actually complement the texture of french fries they’re frozen the right way and then cooked the right way. It can result in the pleasing crispness while retaining some non-mushy texture inside. But I agree that fresh potatoes make for better fries in most cases.I think, perhaps, that Five Guys should either dry the potatoes before frying (there’s tons of water in potatoes) or use the blanche-and-cook method that better fry-cooks use. But that takes more time, and time is money in fast food šŸ™‚

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