shopping local-ish

RVANews posted today about Relay – a Charlottesville-based company that lets you order food and products from a variety of local/regional farmers and producers through a website, and pick up your order at a single location. Well Relay has expanded their service to Richmond, offering products from merchants around the greater Richmond metro area.

The site is a little janked as of this posting (I think they had a recent redesign), but I hope to try it out this week.

2 thoughts on “shopping local-ish

  1. I took a look and frankly it’s got to many holes in it, and the prices are just to high for many things. I like to shop at one place, or maybe two max. I also agree the user interface could use some work.

  2. Yeah, I went back and looked at it later that day, and I agree with much of what you said.I don’t mind shopping at multiple places, though. I know that’s more driving, and such, but I prefer to support people at the farmers markets and the butcher and fish monger when I can. I can’t all the time, but the net impact (however marginal for just me and Val) is better for the community, I think.

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