Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Talk about a letdown:

After surviving several storms during its 10-month voyage, the junk broke in two and sank after it was rammed by a freighter just off Taiwan’s coast.

I disagree, though, with the captain’s proclamation of failure. I consider Taiwan easily close enough to maintain the plausibility of the historical claim, and it’s not as if the ship sank because of its design. I doubt many contemporary vessels would survive that kind of collision.

You can find more information about the ship’s construction and history on the project’s website. The English is a little spotty but clear enough, and the details are fascinating.

4 thoughts on “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

  1. has nothing to do with your post. But what do you think about CNN’s Sanjay Gupta sneaking into a mexican hospital thick with swine flu patients, with a handheld camera, and no mask. This guy’s ambition made him cross the line. I hate guys like him.

  2. @Jake: has nothing to do with your comment. But what do you think about you being a woman?Heh heh…actually, I hadn’t heard about the dude doing that. I don’t really pay attention to anything CNN beyond

  3. Well aren’t you elite?. Haha, yeah, I can’t really take them seriously anymore either. The sad thing is that this idiot was considered for surgeon general.

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