Snow Day

Richmond finally got enough snow to mean something – at least 6 inches in some places – and I’m sitting here at work.

You see, my office doesn’t have an official inclement weather policy, and my job generally requires me to be here when I can. Since I have butt-loads of work to accomplish in the first half of this week and no ability to telecommute, I had to venture out into the snow in my trusty Jetta (man, that traction control came in handy today!) and rock the lower three gears of my transmission all the way up Broad Street.

I’d rather be out in the snow taking photographs. Maybe I’ll knock-off early and do just that…

One thought on “Snow Day

  1. I’m at work now. Out of 40 or so of my employees, 8 showed up. Four are just about to leave. Oh the joys of being a manager.

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