Movieland First Impressions

So Val and I never made it to the grand opening (circumstances as they were), but this evening we watched our first film at Movieland. We saw Frost/Nixon (4 out of 5, by the way), and were generally impressed by the design and operation of the theater. So impressed, in fact, that we will return tomorrow to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as originally intended.

A few notes:
1. The projection was gorgeous. Crystal clear, vivid, and all the benefits of brand-new screens and projectors.
2. I look forward to the velour-like seats getting a bit worn in. Even in jeans, I felt as if I was stuck to the seat.
3. I hope they get some automated kiosks for purchasing tickets – not simply for picking up pre-purchased ones. Or they should at least keep five registers open for ticket sales like they did this evening.
4. Dyson Airblades in the bathrooms. Sweeeeeeeeeet.

3 thoughts on “Movieland First Impressions

  1. Oh Yeah, the Dyson Airblades were so cool. I have never seen them before. I felt like I was in a different city.

  2. @Kozmicdogz: Yeah, I think they have them at the Innsbrook Capital Ale House now, too.I think what I’m really hopeful for with this theater is that it might spur more renewal in that corridor of the city. Not just because it’s so close to my house (which it is!), but because there’s lots of un/under used space in that area that could be developed without pushing people out.

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