4 thoughts on “Do you still read in print?

  1. The Economist (we used to have a subscription but it just ran out), The New York Times (when Jesse brings it home from school), occasionally The Oregonian, and rarely, whatever random magazines my mom has around the house. Also, books.

  2. @Alexis: Aha, you already pointed out a flaw in my question (a result, no doubt, of my haste): I didn’t mean to include books – I still read those in hardcopy myself. I’ll edit the question :-)I’ll have to start reading the WSJ all the time if I go to business school this fall (looking forward to the latter, not the former), but even then I’m considering an online subscription if I need to get beyond what’s on their front page…

  3. National Geographic. I plow through them in the first couple days they arrive, and then accidentally bring the articles up in conversation in the next month–I just can’t help myself–until the next issue comes out and the cycle repeats itself.

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