Play on, sisters.

I read an interesting profile of nearly all-girl hard rock band today. The AccoLade isn’t all that interesting, musically – the lyrics are a touch cheesy and the music isn’t my taste, but the New York Times wouldn’t write up any average rock group. This band, you see, is from Jidda, Saudi Arabia. While Jidda is apparently one of the more “moderate” cities in that desert its citizens still risk getting dragged downtown for a head shaving from the religious police. The fact, then, that these young girls play loud Western music, sing in English, and hang around with their robes open to reveal jeans and t-shirts is really quite extraordinary and brave.

Here’s the line that really got to me:

“The upcoming generation is different from the one before,” said Dina, the Accolade’s 21-year-old guitarist and founder. “Everything is changing. Maybe in 10 years it’s going to be O.K. to have a band with live performances.”

Rock on girls.

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