Ladies and gentlemen, today I received what will be my final film camera for quite some time. Adding to a 35 mm SLR and a 6×6 medium format, I now have a compact 35 mm rangefinder camera – a Canonet QL 17 GIII to be exact.

This camera has a nice wide lens with a fast aperture, a leaf shutter, working meter, shutter priority mode, and is in fairly pristine condition. Flickr user Martin Taylor has already taken better studio shots of what this machine looks like, so I’ll spare you the crappy digicam shot. I’ll also spare you any pictures from the test roll – all Ritz Camera had (it was after Richmond Camera closed) in a single roll was cheap Fuji 800 color film, so it’s noisy as all get-out. It did prove, however, that there are no light leaks and that the focus and metering seem quite accurate.

Now I’ll finally get to try out that ISO 25 black and white Croat film I’ve been dying to shoot…

I couldn’t help myself. I cleaned up the noise a bit (maybe too much?) from this picture of my beautiful wife, so I had to post it:

valerie in the doorway

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