Flanders vs. Wallonia

Check out the BBC’s article about the Belgian political situation. I never would have guessed that a modern Western European nation would have such divisions with the real (though not likely) chance of a split. The article was a fascinating read (since I knew very little of the small country), and packed quite a bit of information into the short space. I’m reminded of my need to pay attention to the world outside of United States borders, even (if not especially) during our intense election cycle.

One thought on “Flanders vs. Wallonia

  1. For years I have been using Belgium as an example when people make comments about how many African nations are politically unstable and poorly run. Like Belgium, most African nations were ‘created’ without regard to language or ethnic concerns and the result has been strife and years of bloodshed. Belgium may not be subject to rmapant violence, yet, but the potential is there – even in a ‘civilized’ country. A country divided against itself cannot progress. Hmmm… sounds a bit like where we’re headed.

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