A Heroic Attempt To Keep Watching

Okay, so here’s a slightly more fleshed-out reaction to the 3rd season premier of Heroes than I provided in an earlier comment.

It’s been a while since I watched the show, and in that long intermediate period I’ve since seen a number of fantastic films and become hooked on a show with quality screenwriting and performances. It’s likely, as well, that the space between Heroes’ second and third seasons as removed me far enough from the pull of the series as to dull my appreciation for it. So it was that I found myself vacillating between MST3K-style mockery and that feeling of forcing myself to find the bright spots that I experienced with each album released by Weezer after Pinkerton.

Is Heroes past it’s prime so soon? Was it ever a good show? The show is a half-acknowledged take on the X-Men concept, and the acting and dialogue has never been very good. I think what keeps my watching is the curiosity about the broader plot and characters which comes from having already watched two seasons.

I can tell you one thing for sure, though: If it doesn’t pick up after a couple more episodes, it’ll be an easy decision to devote one more hour a week to reading instead of television.

Oh yeah, and while I tried to work this into my write-up, I couldn’t in any easy way…The AV Club’s take on the season premier is HILARIOUS, and pretty much nails what I’m starting to feel about the show in general (especially that, despite all the criticism, the author can still give it a B+).

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  1. I watched the first half…honestly a bit confused, because of the long break and watching haphazardly the second half of last season. We’ll see…sylar again? REALLY?? again?? I wish they’d mix things up a bit more…although the speeder girl was kind of cool.

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