Unpolished Chrome

Once again, there’s loads of buzz around the whole freaking Internet about the latest thing (well, okay, that’s half the reason to be ON the freaking Internet in the first place, I suppose). So I was checking out the web page Google’s Chrome browser, only to be stopped by this:

screenshot of unavailable video clip

Wait…doesn’t Google OWN YouTube? Let’s hope they can fix this one in a hurry…

2 thoughts on “Unpolished Chrome

  1. The video may be gone, but the browser is here, and right now, Chrome is my browser of choice on my PC. I’m anxiously awaiting the Mac version, because, so far, this sucker is pretty flipping special.

  2. Well the video is actually back. They had that corrected in under a day – I just thought it was funny.But I certainly didn’t want to sound as if I was mocking Chrome – as soon as a Mac version hits, I’ll be downloading it.

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