My Next Camera

Well, the Nikon D90 is official. It may not be full-frame, but it’s a whole lot of everything else – so much, in fact, that I believe Val and I will pass on the D200 when the time comes.

The ability to use quality photographic camera lenses to shoot HD video (720p at 24fps) pretty much sold me, and the rest of the camera’s specs make me comfortable with the choice. Not only would Valerie and I be able to produce quality images in a host of conditions, but I could finally put video on the computer that’s better than my crappy point-and-shoot digicam provides 🙂

The only question now is how soon I can talk Val into letting us get this thing…We have a destination wedding to attend next summer (possibly in LONDON!), so maybe it’ll be an easy sell!

5 thoughts on “My Next Camera

  1. oh and yes…perhaps the k30d to come will whoop up on your nikon, not likely, but possible.We should start a Mac vs. PC type argument about this. Actually not. I’m not in the mood to be bored.

  2. Oh and this one’s for you Dan.Valerie you’re awesome. Now step up and let Dan by a D90. Peace. And while you’re at it, tell my lady to let me buy a k20d.

  3. @Trey: Depends on which one you mean…If it’s a non-AI lens, then no, but those are quite old. Nearly any 50mm lens from the 70’s onward should work on it. If it’s an AI manual lens, you should even still be able to meter by programming in the focal length and aperture range.I see this more as a little brother to the D300 rather than a successor to the D80.@Jake: You’re a weasel. But you ma dog.

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