Francis and the Lights

So the mini-site for Francis and the Lights‘ EP, A Modern Promise, is making the rounds on teh interwebs, and I have to admit that I’m enjoying it quite a bit myself.

What I really dig about the mini-site, though, is the 35mm film for “The Top.” Two things impress me about this: First, it sounds like he’s singing live (varying sounds depending on his approach to the microphone) while still dancing around like a maniac. Second, and this is my absolute favorite part, once the music starts the whole thing is a single continuous camera shot (unless there’s some genius editing that I’ve missed).

This is an expert little piece of film making for a short music video like this, and it doesn’t go unappreciated. Oh yeah, and the music itself? Welcome back, 80’s pop (in a good way).

UPDATE: Awww yeah, it’s live vocals and a single shot as I thought. SUPER WOOT.

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  1. @Trey: Didn’t realize it wouldn’t let you put an image in there…I could add that to the list of little crappy problems with my comments entry that I’ll talk about fixing someday :-)But seriously…his eyebrows are weeeeeiiiiiirrrrd.

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