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  1. Yes, so this is an aside Dan, but I’m interested in your thoughts regarding all this openID stuff. Is it going to be viable? Is it currently safe to link up sites using it? So far, I’m finding it pretty miserable to work with. Alot of sites claim that you can use it…but on their splash pages or login pages…you can’t find a damned thing to allow you to use it.It seems as though everyone is just vying to be the central “base” for your open ID, while allowing you to use and openID controlled elsewhere.Generally, I’m confused and want someone to speak in a non technophile way to me.Much love,Jake

  2. okay follow up.To put it in better terms. It seems everyone wants to be your openID provider, but none of the biggies want to be openID consumers, as is evidenced by the whole Yahoo! openID ploy. In other words, you can create and openID with Yahoo to use elswhere, but you can’t use one from elsewhere to log into Yahoo!. To me this sounds like halfOpenID.

  3. I’m wary of creating a master key for all of my online accounts. openID and things like it offer convenience, but convenience often comes with less security, and I fear that this might be one of those cases.

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