Blogging the Class: Week 9

In tonight’s penultimate class we replayed, for the most part, the last several weeks. There were two major differences, however.

First, I had the negatives from my medium format test roll, and as such, I could make prints of my new square delights. I had to swap out the 50 mm condenser lens for an 80 mm and use a larger negative carrier, but the process was otherwise the same. The results were decidedly different; never have I seen such clear and richly-detailed prints from 400-speed film! There was almost no discernible loss of information on a 7.5 by 7.5 print.

Second, because the teacher was heading up to the roof of the building to take a pinhole camera shot, he asked us if we wanted to join him. He didn’t really have anything to tell us or show us (he just sort of took his pinhole picture while we played around), but I had my Yashica with me, and an unused roll of Provia color slide film. I shot almost the entire roll on the roof, and polished off the last four in the class room at the end of the evening. My meter was at home so I’m not really sure how they’ll turn out, but I’m still looking forward to the results.

That’s that – no assignments, nothing different to expect for the last class next week, and no instruction. I guess we’ll have more time for printing while we wrap things up…

We’ll see! One week left.

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