Blogging the Class: Week 8

After tonight, I’m officially bummed out about this class. Don’t get me wrong, the darkroom time has been great, and still is. And tonight I actually received some useful photographic advice from the teacher, but it was after I initiated a discussion. It wasn’t general instruction for the class.

There were only four of us students tonight, and I was one of only two who’d bothered to have fresh negatives. So while I spent much of the session making some prints (after a contact sheet, of course), the other students mostly played around with photograms and rudimentary solarization. The teacher sat outside the darkroom reading a book.

No assignment (no surprise), but we’re apparently to look out for an email from the instructor tomorrow. Two Mondays left, and I can put this half-waste of a class behind me and start looking forward to the spring when I hope to take an intermediate class somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Blogging the Class: Week 8

  1. yeah…that is freaking dissappointing. Was this guy a volunteer? Did you pay for this class?

  2. 1. No, he’s a paid instructor, and he’s a legitimate artistic photographer – MFA from VCU, and had some art fellowship from the VMFA.2. Yes, I sure did pay for this class.On one hand, I think the lack of attention from the other students is dragging the level of the class down, but on the other hand, the teacher should be willing to help me with stuff – it’s not like he’s spending the whole class helping the other folks out. If I actually appear to care, why can’t he work with me?

  3. Hopefully the next level class will be better, since it would theoretically have more serious students. We could even take this next class together, since I already have some darkroom experience from high school. I think that could be fun.Seems like your teacher might have wanted some easy money. I’m surprised he didn’t make up some lesson plans for teaching the class.

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