Blogging the Class: Week 6

Tonight was a lot like last week – mostly dark room time, and no assignment again, but still very enjoyable. My disappointment at the lack of formal instruction is made up for by my enjoyment of photo printing, but all the same I’m pretty sure I’d like to take the intermediate class; I’m too hungry for continued education.

So there are four sessions remaining, and I’m not sure when we’ll get to any critiques. No matter, I’m still shooting, and I’ll keep posting.

2 thoughts on “Blogging the Class: Week 6

  1. Shame to hear you’re not getting a tad more good classical instruction….at some level I guess there is no lesson like the one gained through shooting.

  2. Well shooting alone is only good if there’s useful evaluation of the results. I have an idea of what I like, and so do my friends, but I’d also like the experienced eyed of a professional photographer to help me advance.

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